Pre-primary wing


House system: The ability to work in teams is one very important criterion in the present world.  The House system we follow serves this purpose efficiently.  It enables students to prepare themselves for playing different roles as a member of a group or a community.  To develop the spirit of healthy competition among students and to develop a sense of belongingness’s the house system is the right platform.

Study hours: Study hours are conducted everyday under the guidance of the teaching staff to eliminate the need for tuitions. The session acts an opportunity for students to learn and grasp things on a day-to-day basis.

Tests and exams:  At Triveni, students are exposed to tests and exams on a regular basis. The reason, to assess their standing and rectify their under-performing areas. Apart from daily tests, Triveni conducts weekly tests, grand tests, quarterly, half-yearly and annual exams, and this is the reason why students are outperforming at all levels of school education.

Incharge system:  Triveni has deployed an Incharge for every 30 students. He/she will be responsible for the academic well-being of the students. The Incharge System is adopted to see that every student is individually attended to, so that everyone is successful.

Counseling: Students undergo counseling to avoid homesickness, failure and fear of examinations. These sessions are conducted by senior most teachers with utmost patience, care and love.


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