Pre-primary wing


The school offers quality and comprehensive education for children from Nursery to V standard. The unique teaching concept, course structure, state-of-the-art infrastructure and above all the exceptionally talented pool of teachers makes Triveni Kids an exclusive school. Children will be engaged in various learning, recreational and knowledge-enhancing activities; the sole objective is to prepare tinytots as all-round personalities from the initial stages of schooling. Triveni Kids also lays emphasis on laying strong foundation for the bright future of tender minds. The promoters of the Triveni Group being the educationists, these little hearts are having an edge in acquiring the best of education.

Why Triveni  Kids?
• Exclusive campus with excellent infrastructure.
• Expert teachers, carefully picked to handle lower classes.
• A/c classrooms for Nursery, LKG and UKG children.
• No homework as children finish it off at school itself.
• Teaching period, followed by a working period to enhance the grasp of the subject.
• Emphasis on communication skills.
• Well-equipped library with a collection of reference books.
• Playpens and activity-oriented learning to facilitate clear understanding.
• Parent-Teacher Meets (PTM) on a regular basis.
• Progress report of each exam is sent to parents.
• Triveni Kids is a smartclass school.
• Playground for encouraging a variety of sports.
• Field trips, knowledge tours on a regular basis

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